JMC Transport Caravan Goes to Botolan, Zambales
Modernize Local Transport System

The JMC Transport Caravan successfully rolled into Botolan, Zambales on February 27 and 28, 2023, with a mission to modernize the transport system of the province. The event marked a significant milestone in the local transport industry, introducing advanced technology and new business opportunities to the cooperatives.

JMC Motors, a leading provider of modernized public utility vehicles (PUVs) in the country, organized the caravan to showcase their top-of-the-line Class 2 and Class 3 units to the cooperatives in Zambales. The event was supported by Nfinite I.T Solutions Services Inc., a provider of automated fare collection systems (AFCS), GPS, and other digital solutions.

On February 27, JMC and Nfinite representatives conducted preparation and introduced the municipality mayors in Zambales for the MPUJ Transport Caravan. The following day, February 28, the event proper took place at Botolan, Zambales.

During the event, JMC presented their units to the cooperatives, highlighting the features and benefits of modernizing their transport system. LTFRB Region III Director Nasrudin U. Talipasan explained the government's PUV Modernization Program (PUVMP) and how it could benefit the cooperatives.

To provide a firsthand account of the success of modernized cooperatives under JMC Motors, Chairman Jessie Quiroz of DCBLTC and Engr. Rafael R. Reyes of RAMSTAR gave testimonials. Quiroz also introduced Nfinite as the AFCS provider, demonstrating how the technology could streamline fare collection and improve the passenger experience.

After the event, JMC, DCBLTC, RAMSTAR, and Nfinite paid a courtesy call and meeting with Governor Hermogenes Ebdane at the Provincial Capitol in Iba, Zambales. CARTRACK, a provider of fleet management solutions, also joined the meeting. Governor Ebdane inspected JMC's Class 2 and Class 3 units to assess their quality and safety features.

The JMC Transport Caravan was a significant step towards modernizing the transport system in Zambales. By introducing advanced technology and new business opportunities to the local cooperatives, the caravan helped create a more efficient, safer, and more reliable transport system for the people of the province.

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