Paving the Way for Better Transportation in the Philippines

On March 15th, JMC Philippines hosted a highly successful Transport Summit in Iligan City, showcasing their latest modern jeepney units. The event attracted participants from cooperatives around Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, as well as banking institutions, and provided an ideal platform for Nfinite I.T Solutions to present their products, including fleet management and Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS).

Under the capable leadership of Mr. Joey Picadizo, VP Sales and Marketing of JMC, and with the support of Nfinite, the summit marked a significant milestone for transportation. The company's modern jeepney project is designed to provide commuters with safer and more comfortable rides while reducing carbon emissions. JMC's unwavering commitment to innovation has made it a leading player in the transportation industry.

At the summit, Nfinite announced its exclusive partnership with JMC for the modern jeepney project. This strategic partnership is expected to reshape the transportation industry in the Philippines by bringing modern vehicles and cutting-edge technology to the forefront.

The modern jeepney units showcased at the event were equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including AFCS and fleet management solution. These innovations will not only enhance the safety and comfort of commuters but also improve the efficiency of the modern jeepneys and reduce operational costs for operators.

The summit generated a great deal of excitement about the future of transportation in the Philippines. JMC and Nfinite's partnership promises to deliver modern and sustainable transportation solutions to the country. Their innovative technology and unwavering commitment to sustainability set a new standard for the industry to emulate.

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