Dalipuga Transport Service Cooperative (DATRANSCO) Launches Public Utility Jeepneys
Cutting-edge Technology for Iligan City Transport Modernization

The launch of five new 22-seater Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJs) class II units by the Dalipuga Transport Service Cooperative (DATRANSCO) on the Dalipuga-Iligan City Proper route is a technological milestone in the modernization of public transportation in Iligan City. These vehicles feature advanced technologies such as GPS tracking systems, CCTV cameras, automated fare collection systems, and Wi-Fi, providing passengers with an unprecedented level of convenience and comfort. Additionally, these new PUJs are designed with Euro 4-compliant engines that significantly reduce emissions, making them eco-friendly.

This event held on February 22, 2023, at the Dalipuga Gymnasium in Iligan City, provided a platform for the introduction of an interoperable transit card led by Nfinite I.T. Solutions Services Inc. This card has the potential to revolutionize the commuting experience in the city by streamlining the public transportation system and represents a crucial step in the ongoing modernization of public transportation.

Esteemed guests, including Iligan City Mayor Hon. Freddie Siao, LTFRB 10 Chief Transport Development Officer Mr. Dima-arig Diamla, and DATRANSCO General Manager Engr. Alex Maglangit, were in attendance, demonstrating the importance of DATRANSCO's efforts in enhancing public transportation in Iligan City. Their support is vital in achieving the Department of Transportation's (DOTr) vision for a modernized public transportation system.

As a major provider of Automated Fare Collection Systems (AFCs) and GPS in Iligan City, Nfinite I.T. Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer innovative solutions that can further improve the commuting experience for Iliganons. The interoperable transit card presented during the event is just one example of the many cutting-edge solutions Nfinite can provide to make commuting in the city more efficient.

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